City walks with students
who are real city ambassadors!

We've created an app which connects Students as City Ambassadors with Tourists virtually in seconds. Our “City walk” services provided instantly on the spot! We introduced a new “social travelling” feature for City guests, where Tourists will enjoy matching their interests and hobbies with Students’ specialties. Enjoy & start using TripLocally today!

Donatas Juškus, Founder & CEO

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Instant payments
1 hour = 10 eur

Match your
interests with
students' specialties

Socialize & meet
new people
in unknown cities

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Fast & super easy to use!

Tutorial for the City Ambassadors


Let yourself be relaxed, you don’t need any special knowledge or training to be a City Ambassador. Just be yourself, be happy and go for an easy & nice city walk!


You always have a topic to talk and socialise about, it is your specialty, remember! Enjoy your city walk & share your best local places of interest!


City guest will pay you upfront via PAYPAL.ME for your city walk! You will receive 10 EUR for each 1 HOUR instantly! Payment takes a few seconds!

Start using it NOW!